Type 20ft-HC 30ft-HC
External dimensions (mm) W6058×D2438×H2896 W9053×D2438×H2896
Usable dimensions (mm) W5790×D2240×H2645 W8788×D2240×H2645
Weight Approx. 4 tons Approx. 5 tons
Material Wall, roof: 2.0mm steel sheet, floor: 4.5mm steel sheet
Coating Enamel resin coating, thickness of 70μm or more
Interior Insulation structure (glass wool, plaster board, and colored steel sheet)
Attached articles Anchor plates, paint materials for maintenance, decorative aperture plank
  1. Device installation and drilling for fixtures are performed by the customers.
  2. Any requests that differ from the specifications above are treated as an additional option.
  3. Delivery is deemed complete upon loading and shipping products from our factory.

4 Features of the Container Package Unit


We offer comprehensive services from layout planning for air conditioning, ventilation facilities to thermal calculation and air conditioning unit selection.


We perform equipment and wire installation at the factory as well as transportation and installation to the site.


We are able to shorten the construction period and achieve high cost performance by simplifying on-site operations.


We respond to various requests with flexibility and offer proposals that handle special conditions (custom sizes, areas prone to salt air damage or snow)

Construction Example

Container Package Unit

Equipment installation and wiring


Transportation and delivery