Planning Department Green Base

Planning Department Osaka Factory has a thorough production system from field-survey to design, production, and on-site construction. By offering various goods including cubicles, containers, electrical device boxes, and other sheet metal products to the renewable energy (sunlight, storage batteries), railways, mobile communications, broadcasting, disaster prevention, and firefighting industries, Sansuisha supports the improvement of public infrastructure.

Sansuisha also makes efforts to contribute to the society by installing storage batteries in core areas such as residences, schools and power generation facilities to change to a decentralized energy system for the purpose of public safety.

Factory Summary

Address 2-3-7 Ayumino,Izumi-city,Osaka,594-1157 Japan
TEL +81-(0)725-92-8600
FAX +81-(0)725-92-8610
Site area 11,094㎡
Building area 5,063㎡


Production Facilities

Name Manufacturer Model Machines
Turret punch press AMADA EM-2510NT 1 unit
Press brake AMADA FBDⅢ-2353NT 1 unit
Iron worker AMADA IW-45Ⅲ 1 unit
Shearing Aizawa Tekkosho A3H625 1 unit
Semi automatic welding machine 4 units
TIG welding machine 5 units
MIG welding machine 1 unit
Spot welding machine 1 unit
Stud welding machine 1 unit
Metal saw 1 unit
Drill press 1 unit
Turret punch press

Varying molds that are round or fan shaped called “turrets”, are set into the mold holder, metal material (work) is held in a stationary position, punched and processed according to NC-control. Consecutively punching the mold (passing processing method, nibbling) can enable any shape to be formed in the steel plate.

Maximum press ability 200kN(20t)
Maximum thickness for manufacturing 3.2 mm (mild steel material)
Maximum work movement X axis 2500 mm
Y axis 1270 mm
Manufacturing precision ±0.01mm
(mild mode)±0.07mm
Turret mold fittings 58(maximum size φ100)
Rolled tap 8 (M3-M6)
Press Brake

A press brake bends metal plates, such as laminated steel sheets, aluminum sheets, etc. at a certain angle.
A V-shaped die is fixed in the lower frame of the machine, a punch moves up and down over it, pressing any material down into the die bending it.

Maximum press ability 1225kN(125t)
Bending length for manufacturing 3000mm
Back gauge movement range L axis 500 mm
Z axis 50-180 mm
Y ±1293mm
Bending thickness 6.0mm
Iron Worker

All sorts of steel cutting, drilling, and notching processes are possible. Speed and accuracy are demonstrated through various types of goods, from small quantities to mass production.

Maximum press ability 450kN(45t)
Back gauge movement range X axis 3000 mm
Y axis 100 mm (manually)
Maximum production ability (SS400) Angled cutting t9×75×75mm
Notching t9×75×75mm
Channel steel manufacturing t5×50×100mm
Flat bar cutting t9×125mm
Punch processing t9×φ38mm
Welding Processing

Heat is added to the joined components to retain continuity according to the material. If needed, appropriate filler metal is added to join the components.

Semi-automatic welding machine (Co2) 4 units
Tig welding machine 5 units
Mig welding machine 1 unit
Plasma cutting machine 1 unit
AC resistance spot welding machine 1 unit