Management Policy

  1. We build, maintain and implement a management system based on ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards to drive continuous improvement.
  2. In all areas related to the coating and manufacturing industries, we assess and understand the environmental impact, and promote efforts to prevent pollution and reduce the environmental burden of our business activities.
  3. We aim to be a trustworthy company contributing to the community development and environmental conservation, by complying with all applicable laws, regulations, codes, and standards concerning quality and environment, and by enhancing consumer confidence in our business activities.
  4. Related to the following business activities, we set a goal/objective for quality and environment and take necessary actions:
    1. Responding to the needs of the customers and society in advance, we strive to strengthen existing knowledge as well as acquiring new technologies.
    2. We provide products match to customers' requirement; and take extra steps to ensure further improvement of product quality and reduce environmental impact by optimizing the manufacturing process.
    3. We promote the green procurement for raw materials used for manufacturing to reduce the environmental burden.
    4. In administrative activities, we make efforts for cost-cutting and reduction of the environmental burden.
  5. We promote environmental conservation activities to fulfill our mission and social responsibilities, by appropriately communicating with local communities, disclosing information, and cooperating with external agencies.
  6. We promote training programs on environment and quality control to increase our employees’ awareness and knowledge which becomes the foundation of our business.
  7. This Policy is disseminated to all employees and everyone who works for our company.
  8. This Policy is available to the public in print and on our website.

March 1st, 2018 
Sansuisha Co., Ltd.
Yutaka Kashoji

Knto Sansuisha Co.,Ltd.
Mamoru Kashoji

Quality Initiative

ISO9001 Certification

All of our locations, including overseas, have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System certification and continuously make efforts to improve our quality standards.

As we aim to grow further, we introduced a small group activity (QC: circle) within our company with the purpose of devising a way to enhance the functionality of company organization and employees.
We make efforts for improvement in quality through these activities:
1) Through self-directed QC activities, categorize problems in their own group to find solutions.
2) By adopting the QC technique, build strong problem-solving skills.
3) Optimize business efficiency and acquire leadership skills within the group.

Environment Initiative

ISO14001 Certification

All of our domestic locations have obtained ISO14001 Environmental Management certification and from here on proactively make efforts in this area.

Fully Equipped Drainage Processing System

Our coating factories are fully equipped with drainage processing equipment, so that all drainage is cleaned and returned to the environment. We purify all of our own industrial drainage and adhere to the regulation purification levels.

Social Contribution Activities

Sakai Nishi Disaster Prevention Association Member

We actively participate in various disaster prevention activities as a cooperating business.
- Make announcements and communicate with the public through a megaphone in major disasters.
- Dispatch voluntary rescue, fire-fighting, and relief teams during a large scale disaster.

Internship Admission

We accept overseas students of the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology from Thailand as interns through a program operated by the Osaka Prefecture University.

Recipient Record: Two participants in 2015
One participant in 2016
One participant (planned for) in 2017
Senshu International City Marathon

We support the Senshu International City Marathon to further promote the sports and culture of the Senshu area as well as optimize the health of our employees by encouraging participation.
Our company employees run in the marathon every year.

National Trade Skills Test Business Relations Office

Kanto Sansuisha Co. Ltd. acts as the National Trade Skills Test Business Relations Office in collaboration with the Vocational Ability Development Association.
The Utsunomiya Factory acts as a venue for the practical skill exam part of the Paint and Coating Skills Test.