Coating Operation Department (Production system)

Since our establishment, we have focused on meeting the diverse needs of society through incorporating new technology and materials for coatings on farm machinery parts, construction machine parts, and engine parts. From here on we will continue to seek out better coating technology for the next generation.

Production System


First we would like to hear from you.
We accept all inquiries regarding delivery date, specifications, and price through or inquiry page or by telephone.

Coating Specifications

Conditions such as delivery date, specifications, packaging, lot number, etc. are decided.
If needed a performance test can be done to confirm the coating quality.

Submission/Agreement to Estimate

An estimate is submitted according to the conditions and an agreement is reached.

Production Analysis

Production output is confirmed. Packaging is considered.

Place Order


Production Preparation

A jig is created for hanging the products. Painting materials are supplied and the packaging (erector pipes, etc.) is manufactured.


A coating is performed according to the customer’s needs.
Solvent enamel coating (melamine, acrylic), two-pack urethane coating, electrodeposition coating.


By carefully inspecting the quality, we provide high-grade coatings.


The order is delivered by the agreed delivery date.